Thursday, May 28, 2015

Caring for Mom & Dad

"It's those treasured times that 
outweigh those challenging moments..."

I watched the PBS video "Caring for Mom & Dad" was good, and they did a good job.  I'm glad that I was able to be a caregiver for awhile...I learned lots of new things, and see some things differently now.

Are there older people in your family?  Maybe you should take the time to watch this. 
(Don't get scared, or borrow trouble...take time to prepare yourself now: your health- physical and mental is a good place to start. And take time for people now, while you can...)

Follow the link below to watch the "Caring for Mom & Dad" video on PBS:

(They did not have any Grandparents with caregiver Grandchildren in the show, I thought that was odd.)

Rachel, Bella & Grandma Hale

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