Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year, 2016!

I know that every December I write a recap of the year to go with my New Year greeting.  You know, "important things" like what were the most popular posts, which countries were at the top of my blog's readership list, a handful of firsts, some highlights, a few resolutions, admitting that I did not accomplish many of my resolutions, wishes for the new year...   I'm not doing it this year.  Or at least not for you- maybe for me. We'll see.  
This year (2015) was interesting for me- rocky for sure!  I was trying to "recover" physically from helping take care of Grandma Hale, recover emotionally & mentally from helping take care of Grandma Hale...I got to where I was a basket-case, so I am VERY thankful to Sherri M. & Mom for helping me "get well" with homeopathic remedies for grief.  My new problem is learning how exactly I fit into the family, and what is my roll exactly???  Who am I, and what am I to do?? 
(I'm not a life planner- never really was...but I guess that you already know that.  I think that it's a good idea, but I'm not sure how to start.)

(I like this picture- and I wonder...where is home?  If you went looking, would it really be where you started from, or perhaps somewhere else???  Is this girl mixed up and turned around?   Did she come from or belong in the house, or perhaps over the river to another as of yet unseen resting place?  What do you think??? )

I realized today that some people's "jar of pebbles" represents the milestones in life & things they did.  My pebbles are more like tick-marks, or a sand clock...the "today is over!" or "another year is gone, and I'm another year older"...check mark!!! (How many more to go???)  I'm afraid that I live my life waiting for my life to start.

 This year, I'll work on my love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, and self-control... You know, relax, find joy in the little things, be more easy going... (I know these are not "easy" things- you don't just wake up 'perfict'. You have to work at it for years! Shopping in a store is A LOT easier than growing.)

So sorry to bother you with all the long, deep thoughts! 
I wish you and yours the very best in 2016. =)  Happy New Year, Friend.   =)


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McKee Family said...

Please try to enjoy each day as it comes....savor it and the people you love...all we really have is today and we sure don't want end up looking back and realizing we spent our lives waiting for some "big thing" to come.....

love you,