Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our New Year Game Night (1 of 2)

Our New Year Game Night was Saturday the 9th...It replaced our annual "girls" New Year Tea Party...It made me a little sad, to have to decide to morph or die.
Truth is that we "girls" are so far and few- our original single ladies are down to 3 or 4, and the married women can't/won't come...  
So changes had to be made!  Co-ed, 14 years old and up (parents were invited, too).   ME gave us this photo poster~ it was a great "ice breaker"/"initiation" thing: we had ALL party attendees pose. =)  Some were more willing than others, I think... =)

 (here is the link to post 2)

I think that we had fun!


Nancy W said...

I love the photo poster-great idea for an icebreaker. Sorry we missed it!

Sharon H. said...

It sure looks like fun! Sorry I missed it. You are wonderful at so many things, but you excel at hosting wonderful parties!!
Thank you, dear friend.