Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fall skirt number 3

~I used Butterick #5649 view C- the trouser skirt.
~The fabric came from The Stash. (Purchased at Jo Ann years ago.   I decided that I do NOT like sewing embroidered corduroy- it is very hard on the machine, the needle, and on the nerves.)  =/
~I lengthened the skirt 4 1/2" (26" total) and hemmed it to 25 1/2"
~ A Fly Front Zipper is what this skirt called for. 
 This tutorial is the one I followed and would highly recommend:
~ Oh, and this zipper is also from the Teague/Gann (sp?) collection! =)  Thanks again ladies for giving them to me!

Imagine a zipper only costing 60 was a long time ago!


Aunt Juanita said...

You are certainly STYLING! WOW!

Uncle Jim said...

very nice!!

ME said...


Mara said...

Cute! =)

Rebecca A. said...

PERFECT outfit!