Friday, July 07, 2017

Food on Friday: Garden Cafe

 Mom got a Groupon for Garden was a fun little eatery, nestled in a old neighborhood in Dallas, Texas.  I imagine that this was the kind of place that one reads about in books like: The Moffats.  =)    You know, the neat, friendly old houses, surrounding a little park and a short row of shops to one side...just send your kid for an onion or ground beef....

The Garden Cafe makes or grows or gets local almost everything on the menu- and they have Chickens & a garden in the back next to the patio!  Their Ham, Bacon and Chipotle Mayo are SO very good!  =)

Mom got Chicken Salad:

I got the "Turkey Melt", and before you say "That's not Turkey!", I'll quickly add: true, they were out of Turkey, so substituted Ham...they were also out of Tomato. =(    BUT IT WAS SO, SO GOOD!!! 

You should visit sometime:

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