Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Whatever Wednesday: Dead Car

Sometimes...well, a lot of times Mom complains that I don't finish a job, or simply don't do it well.  It is true- a lot of times it is true. 

BUT sometimes, I go all the way, and do it right.  Like draining the car battery. 


I drove myself over to Rachel's house for lunch last Tuesday- that was fun, but I had trouble getting the key out of the ignition at her house, and here at home after, but managed. 

I did not know anything was wrong till Mom and I loaded up the car last Friday afternoon (it felt like 104 that afternoon) to go to town to pick up our raw milk, and run around a bit- Mom said that the key was taken out in the wrong place, and could not get her key in. 

I got my key in, only to find that the car was dead- all the way dead.  

...Sigh again.... 

I called the Hale family and Mr. Hale came over and had a very hard time jumping it- he finally went and got a charger, and, after a charging a long time, it now seems to be good as new!  =)
(In the mean time, he lent us his car so we got to the milk pick up.)

Thank you, Mr. Hale!

~I think that I learned my lesson- be sure that the key ins in the "lock" position before taking it out. =)   Did you learn anything?~

Question: Why would anyone design a ignition switch so you could accidentally drain your battery???

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