Saturday, August 19, 2017

Summer Of No Pants 2017*: Post 2

Today's post is a Refashion of sorts. Remember my Green Dress from 2015? I LOVED that dress, but it was time to say goodbye. 

After much thinking, I decided that I could just sew a new bodice...and have a new house-dress!
I forgot to take the dress to JoAnn's when I bought the red fabric, so I had to just guess, and pray that they would go together okay- I think they do...

...I carefully removed the side zipper, and cut the skirt free...
(I cut was a very hard and sad thing to do. But I did it.)

...then I thought I should use the old green bodice for accent: I cut the neck facing (remembering to line it, so it looks good)...

...and then I realized that reusing the original white zipper would look funny going down the back of the new red bodice...
...SO, I cut strips from the old green bodice, and carefully sewed them to the back of the bodice/zipper opening (forgetting to line it, so it looks funny)!   Are you cross-eyed yet?  I am!

Yes, I am aware that this dress is rather child like, but it was fun to make,
 and I hope I bought it some more time...before I make something else out of it!  =)

*SONP not is officially happening this year, but I like to sew, and wear cute dresses & skirts anyway, so I'll just do my own thing....(Summer of No Pants is a Google+ group, and anyone can join & post at anytime.)

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