Monday, October 30, 2017

Mom's Birthday weekend

It's been a busy past few days~

We attended Andrew & Ruth Hale's wedding (Dad was also a groomsmen), and I got to wear a my favorite Cashmere sweater to an outdoor reception- nice and cozy!  We also got to see and visit with lots of friends!

Our main water heater went out...But the new parts could be here tomorrow! =)

We had homemade Curry!

Mom and I went to a movie: "Same Kind of Different as Me." (you should see it)

 Dad broke a tooth, and went to the dentist, his truck died, and the septic has problems....

I made a Chocolate Pudding Cake (served with Sour Cream)  Recipe HERE.

The weather was beautiful!

And Mom & I got tattoos...

(We put them on, took the picture, and then I was saying "Is it just me, or does this hurt???" - we took them off right away! (itching/burning) But it was fun!)

All in all, it was a memorable weekend, 
and mostly fun!

Happy Birthday, dear Mother of mine!  =)

~ Thank you for the memories! ~ 

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McKee Family said...

Yes! What a weekend...and more to come!

Love you,