Monday, April 02, 2018

Tulips and me...

...go way back.  In Abilene, we grew red tulips around our trees in the front yard. (In the front, so we children would not pick them, lol!)

Did you know:
1) Texas-Tulips (tulip fields) is in Pilot Point???
2) Tulip bulbs are chocolate candy to Moles...we can only grow them in pots or wire cages around here.
3) Tulips are originally from Central Asia. (During the 1500's, Europeans became plant explorers, and went out and found the tulip...and made it what it is today)
4) Mary Brown Stewart imported a few of the tulip bulbs from Holland in 1906; her mail-order business took off with orders from garden clubs in the Northeast. Mrs. Stewart's small business has flourished into a booming industry! In 1998 more than 40 million bulbs left the valley, many of them sold to Holland.
5) The Tulips have lots of festivals too- here are 2:  Washington HERE and Kansas HERE. 
6) The SONG "Tulips From Amsterdam".

Language of flowers~ Tulip: 
Tulip (General) Perfect Lover, Fame, Flower Emblem of Holland
Tulip (Red) Believe Me, Declaration of Love
Tulip (Variegated) Beautiful Eyes
Tulip (Yellow) There's Sunshine in Your Smile
Easter 1988
(Mom sewed her dress, and that is our neighbor Scotty's house behind us.)

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Adorable childhood Easter picture :)

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