Tuesday, July 24, 2018

a Zippered pillowcase and a Baby

It happens all the time: you go on a trip, and you end up wanting to pack something in your pillowcase....something that just really doesn't fit in your bag, like your PJs, or a light blanket, or your stuffed friend...SO you stuff them in your pillowcase, only to have them trying to pop out at all the wrong times!   

NO MORE, I declared a couple of trips ago...then it took me a trip to decide that I could indeed do something  about it (also having to decide that it was okay to alter my favorite case, and have time to sew a NEW one), and another to figure out how.  SO all that said, before the last trip (to visit that cute baby on the left), I had the zipper installed, and it was WONDERFUL.

I think that parents would want these for their children: you know the road-tripping-slumber-partying-gone-to-sleep-at-the-grandparents kind of children... (like me).
The zipper just hides, you don't know it is there, and is quite handy! =)

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