Friday, July 06, 2018

Food on Friday: Dino's

=) Welll...We must inform you: Dino's Wife's cake shop (in Branson, MO) was a disappointment...and I don't suggest going unless you are a BIG fan.
Grandma is a big fan, that is why we went.  =)

Happy, before reality set in:

Our feelings?  The famous carrot cake was fine, not anything to write home about. (I'd like to find someone to pay me these prices for cake!) But the Cinnamon Knots & Coffee were SO bad I have to tell you: don't order any!!! We went in the morning, and the Cinnamon Knots could not have been baked that morning- they were so OLD, cold, dry and over priced: dunking them in the not-good-over-priced coffee did not help them.
HOWEVER, if you are a true fan, or want to buy a CD or DVD, this is the place to go!


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