Monday, September 03, 2018

Musical Monday: "Can't Smile Without You" - Barry Manilow

Do you ever "hear" something so loud and strong in your head that you feel that you can't possibly be alone in your thoughts??? Like someone else MUST be thinking or singing this same thing at the same time as you?  (kind of like my Dream Theory)  Saturday the 25th I was listening to THe Greatest Showman, turned it off, went to get ready for a party.  Found myself happily humming and singing to Barry Manilow's "Can't Smile Without You" was playing IN MY HEAD. SO loud and happy, like it was a live concert, or playing really loud on Youtube-- I swear that I was NOT the only one, not alone in my musical thoughts...I believe that someone else was singing at that moment in time too. (not my family, I asked them)  Okay, so now that you know I'm certifiably crazy, I hope you enjoy the song!  =)

Listen below or click HERE...
Trivia from Wikipedia: "....Manilow's version has slightly different lyrics from the Carpenters' version such as the Carpenters's line "I can't laugh and I can't walk/I'm finding it hard even to talk" which was changed in Manilow's version to "I can't laugh and I can't sing/I'm finding it hard to do anything". Then the Carpenters remixed the song with additional orchestration, revising the lyrics again to read "I can't laugh and I can't sleep/I don't even talk to people I meet"....."

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