Saturday, November 09, 2019

Fall 2019 Dress 2 of 2

Just what I as going for: a cozy house dress that is kind of like a nightgown...only better fitting!
I tried something new: I used the full facing like as if I was not attaching a collar, and then slipped the collar in between...MUCH easier, and looks and fits better too!  Then I sewed the facing down all the way around, so I won't be having to iron it all the time!

~ Pattern: Vintage (late 1990's) Butterick 6760. If you sew this pattern, beware of the typo: DO NOT sew the side seams before you sew the sleeves on!!! (look over the pattern instructions- you will see what I mean.  I chose view C, with a collar. I figure I'll try it longer and I can always shorten it later!
~Sewed the size down from last time, the fit is much better.
~This time I constructed it like baby or doll clothes: attached the sleeves as called for, then sewed the skirt & bodice halves together before sewing the LONG side seams! (All the way from sleeve hem to skirt hem!)  I figured it would be easier to fit if I needed to. I don't think that I'll need too.
~Eliminated the back vent, and it is plenty full- but I doubt I can hop a fence.
~I gave the sleeves the smallest hem possible, so as to have the longest sleeves possible, they are perfect.
~The fabric is a cozy blue flowered cotton flannel, given to me by the Hutchins-- Thank you, Friends!

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