Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our House

My dear Daddy!
I am so sorry that it has taken this long to post photos, and I am sorry that they are not very up to date...try back - oh say next Saturday for the fun photos! Enjoy! =)


These are of the laundry room/Dad's bathroom. Below: we will have a big sink, and the extra fridge and one freezer.


Washer, dryer, drying cabinet, and central vac.


The laundry room back door, and Dad's shoe box! =)

Dad laying tile in his bath. (this is tonight & the same tile will be in the l-room too)

His bathroom again...

This is upstairs - Mom and Dad's bathroom. The one thing that Dad wanted in the house was a bath tub that he fit in! Here it is! (I have heard that they both fit)

I helped Mom with my bathroom counter top. It looks really nice. =)

My bathroom before it was painted. (and put together)


Esther Hale, the first official girl friend help! (helping with the touch-up painting in my bathroom)


My room - you should see it now.... =)


Guess who???? It's my big brother Joshua, as seen through my side light. (putting in my sink lights)


This is me, in front of my room.


My door!


Lunch any one? =)


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Anonymous said...

Hey Adrienne!
Glad to have the honor!
I can't wait till you all are 'just down the road'!
It look even better than when I saw it!