Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Party for Rachel...

...she is getting married in April! =)
I have known Rachel for almost 20 years. We were the best of friends for a long time!

My "neice" Caroline, and I.
....I wish we could get together more often!

Peppermint tea, anyone? We have a lot leftover! =)

Charlie and Beth!

Brittany made this fun hostess apron~

Time for food!

Elijah and Sarah!

~ some of the guests~

We only played one game- "Name Rachel & Jack's first Baby" It went over very well!
That night:

Mom said: "Did you tell Sarah (H.H.) what your weight was down to?"
I said: "No, I did not think she would really want to know." =)


But I guess that is something you have to decide-
do you want to be skinny & single, or kind of round and married?

Today, I would have to say that they both sound nice...but I am tired, and being single is good. =)

....I had fun but, Sarah's baby on top of hosting the party for Rachel this afternoon...I am worn out....
So after cleaning up and dinner, we watched "The Prince & Me". With a clearplay filter of course!
(Mom wondered after if it was a bad choice, and I said no, that movie is a fairy tale...not at all real.)

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