Thursday, May 19, 2011


While the crown of my head is smaller than Benjamin's, the circumference from back of the head to my nose/chin is bigger...ouch...
I just thought that it hurt to put on- taking it off was worse!

Helmet, a special jacket & cute rubber boots...


(My brother's bike is a Kawasaki.)
Okay, let's go. (I look like an alien or SWAT or something...)

Home again~ I think I'm good for a while!
We just went down 4208 (to Malloy Rd) and I don't think that we went much more than 5mph. This was my 2nd ride on one of these scary things- the first time was on my Uncle's girl-friend's Harley Hog, back in 1999. That was something- we went up the mountain a ways, and looked down on Carson City.....

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