Monday, December 12, 2011

Carrot Bread

I used my Great Aunt Julie's recipe for Zucchini Bread, and I just used Organic Carrots (from Costco) instead of the zucchini, that is not in season right now anyway. (And I used fresh duck eggs...yes, our babies are laying now!)

I wonder if the leavening quantity was right, because I think that you could taste it. hmm....

Our squash did badly this summer (too hot & dry, I guess...), but they did however do well this fall...but all the same, I did NOT have enough squash this year, and I miss it already.... can see some carrots, but Dad and I both thought that there were not enough. I think I will increase the amount next time.
I'll admit it- I did taste was good. It would have been really good with a ton of butter or maybe some cream cheese!

(Half a loaf for Dad, and 1 & 1/2 loaves for Mrs. Bee and Family! ...I wonder how they will like it?)

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