Friday, December 09, 2011

Good news:

1. Last night the Sheriff of Van Zandt county walked up, and took my hand and said:
"Well, ain't you cuter than a speckled pup!"
2. Benjamin is in town for a short weekend! =)
3. Benji brought me Irish​ Claddagh Ring for my New Year's present~
I have wanted one for so long, thank you so much - I love it!!!!!

Friendship & Love & Loyalty
Anyway, it was nice to hear that I am "cuter than a speckled pup"! =)


McKee Family said...

I guess I'm just partial, I've always thought you were cuter than "a speckled pup"! :-)
Benj looks crazy in this shot. Long bike ride in the cold, arrived much later than he expected! I'm so glad he could come visit and you guys could have some sibling time.....


Anonymous said...

I am so glad he noticed and was bold enough to tell you!
Lovely ring, and I am happy that you and Benjamin are able to get some family time.
Sarah H.