Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A model housekeeper?

I am NOT "nesting" right now, but the past 2 days I have been in a forced nesting mode. And probably tomorrow and Thursday, too. My observation: if you aren't truly nesting, you don't necessarily have the energy to be Super Woman...so the result is I am exhausted, but the house is getting clean! =)

Why am I behaving like this? Do you remember my post: I am sidetracked....(click here)? Well...I will confess it: I am sidetracked again.
(...it's not that our house is filthy, 'cause it's not...it's just that the odd little stuff never happens, and I do not dust if I can help it...)

And I am trying to be a model housekeeper~ again.

And the other reason to clean this week is that I/our family decorates for the seasons, and Thursday is the first day of Winter,
and that’s the day I put up the Scarecrows, and put out the Snowmen, and you cannot decorate a not so clean house. It is so much nicer to decorate for Winter, because we get to enjoy our decorations a lot longer than other people do who just decorate for a holiday.

I started today with a shower, and curled (& sprayed) my hair. =)
What did I wear? Red rhinestone (Brighton) earrings that Elizabeth gave me for my birthday last year, black Students for Liberty t-shirt, Route 66 blue jeans, old white leather tennies, and my dear old pink twill apron (with the white rick~rack).

Thank you Mom for cooking dinner and Mom & Dad for cleaning up the kitchen after dinner for me! =)

(..I for sure was not doing any sewing today, but this diligent little lady just looked like she ought to be in this post!)

Click here to listen to: ''Barking at the Moon''

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