Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The 7th Bonnie Blue Ball~

The Three McKees at the 7th Bonnie Blue Ball~ we had lots of fun! =)
(Thank you, Katherine for lending me your hoop skirt!)

Adrienne, behind our Ron Paul table. Nancy asked us t0 host a table, and the sad thing is that most of the stuff came back home with us. =(

Karl and Nancy Falster, on the left, and some of the officers and men Presenting the Colors, on the right.

I was trying to NOT look scared! =) I believe that this was taken right before I sort-of asked Jared Cronin to dance. or maybe right after...

My beautiful parents~ they did have fun, but I think that they should learn/practice the Waltz! =)

Gay Gordon is the name of this dance, I remembered it from last year (Papa & I learned it together- it's easy & fun). I asked Mom to dance, so I danced the man's part. =) We had fun! =) It's a progressive dance where you do some steps and pass the lady off to the next guy. Everyone goes around the circle and ends up at the end with their original partner. Quite fun!
Embedded video:

Mark- the-Barber, from Greenville and Dad sitting at the Ron Paul table.

...the Waltz Game (or is it called The Broom Dance? I can't remember the name of this dance.)....It's kind of like musical chairs, there is one extra guy who gets left out if he can't grab a girl and he has to dance with the broom! But it was lots of fun! You should have been there! =)

Embedded video of the fun:

You know me, I just HAD to stretch out my back! (While watching the ?Schottische?. I tried this dance last year, and I am no good, so I sat it out this year!)

Dad and I danced 2 Virgina Reels and the Patty-Cake Polka! =) During this dance, Dad got caught between 2 hoop skirts...that was pretty funny!
The embedded video for the Reel:

All evening I kept thinking of Molly Gibson's dress- "not a proper tartan"! =)
My belt is lovely & velvet, I found it at the Garland Goodwill store for $1.99!

Mom's comments: "...the Bonnie Blue Ball! Great fun! I decided to not hang back, but go for it and learn the dances with enthusiasm! Things are always much more fun when you decide to really participate! We could have used a lot more males! Adrienne and I danced together two times. Pleas even learned the Virginia Reel, but never really got the hang of the waltz. We intended to practice dancing this week, but spent too much time sewing our costumes! I got a bit of video of the last reel, Pleas and Adrienne danced together."


My comments: "...the 7th Bonnie Blue Ball! I danced almost every dance- I avoided one, and lacked a partner for another, but all in all it was fun! Thanks a lot to my dancing partners: Dad, Jordan, Jared, Jaden, David, and Mark! I think that I may be looking forward to next year~"
We hope to see you at the ball next year! =)

~I will post about our costumes click here~

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Sara Pennington said...

That was such a wonderful evening! The first dance that you posted a video about is called the Gay Gordon; in case you're still wondering. :) It is such a fun dance! Thank you for the photos and videos, it was so nice to see them!