Monday, December 24, 2018

Peter's Cake

Peter's Cake. Just the way he "ordered" it: 
1) a lemon cake that
2) looks like a "stump" 
3) that's NOT frosted
4) with a 3 foot long gummy snake coiled on top! 

...I think that he liked it!    This was the first "fun/crazy" cake I've baked or helped bake in a LONG time- I really enjoyed the challenge.  I'd seen these and other gummy snakes EVERYWHERE, until I went to buy one. Then I could hardly find one.  (Visit HERE for a better photo of the cake, and for the details about the cake!)
~some of the components~

Lemon Curd "crumb coat"  (worked well!).

~making the marzipan mushrooms~

 Peter, Hannah & Jonathan came to the party- I sent them home with leftover cake.  =)

The 3' gummy snake came from HERE.


Teresa D. said...

What a cute cake! Love it.

Ivy P. said...

That's cool.

Mary W. said...

I wondered when we’d see what the cake the snake was going to adorn. 😊 Cute!

Aunt Juanita said...

You are so creative Adrienne! WOW!

Sharon H. said...

You are a treasure!