Thursday, June 27, 2013

Before Wedding photos

On our way down Monday, we ate dinner at Cafe Pita in Houston (we learned about it on "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), a restaurant owned by some Bosnian refugees, for dinner. 

That's my sandwich- a "Turkish Sandwich". I could have had salad, rice or fries with time, don't order fries.  But the sandwich was WONDERFUL! =)

We celebrated Father's Day and even ordered a dessert for all three of us to share.

 Sophie at sunset~

Living room side window view:

 Kitchen window view:

Bedroom view (or what I saw when I woke)

Summer Of No Pants!  (SONP was the joke and very often thrown into the conversation, mostly by my "little" bro & nephew. ...yes, we know, his kilt is on backwards!)

Pretty Elizabeth~



We hit the beach on Tuesday evening:

Game night!

Waiting for the something thing that had to be done:


 I like the new and old in this picture:

A few pictures from the Star Drug Store, where Dad took E & I for lunch:

 After lunch we walked over to the Kitchen Chick...a lovely little store, with lots of fun details!

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