Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wedding and after wedding photos

Boys: (Simon and his friends Robert & Aidan)
The boys ate, played, slept, swam, ate, helped, slept, ate, played & helped some more.  Did I say they seemed to like to eat, sleep & play?  =)

 A few photos of the Cheesecake stuffed Strawberry project:


We had coolers everywhere...this one held 3 Costco cheesecakes, 2 bags of frozen fruit salad, and 1 tub of lettuce....
Getting ready~

Dad & Mom~

 Mom & baby boy Benj~

~Here comes the Bride~


New family (I'm an Aunt now!)
Walter took this one.  (We missed you Joshua & Anna!)

Wedding party:

My Mom~

Setting out the food!

We could not have survived without you, E~ thank you SO much for coming!

Oooohh...nice ring:

The Three McKees~

 Clowning around~

Guess what was for breakfast?!  Homemade oatmeal pancakes topped with leftover cream cheese!

A few photos of Sophie:

This was taken after Robert met Sophie...(Mom said: "I wish I'd grabbed the camera sooner! The look on Robert's face was priceless!")

The new family:


That's all folks!

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