Thursday, April 16, 2015

Baby gifts for twin boys

My friend Darleen and her Husband Keven just added twins to their family- making them the proud parents of 5 little kiddies ages 5 and under!  =)   Aren't they sweet babies?  (Please kiss them for me, Darleen!) 

I used puff paint on this project-  stamped the names, and used iron on freezer paper stencils for the initials and hearts (free hand drawing).

 (Twin boys named James & Adam...makes me want to tease my Cousin Sarah~ ~hehehe!)

 I gift wrapped the shirts, slipped them into a ziplock bag, addressed it, and double wrapped it in packing tape~ can't wait to hear how they come through the mail!

I have fallen in love with these onsies, especially the hearts...I think that I'll be making more of these little shirts for gifts...I also wonder if anyone would buy something like this?



The Wahlquist Family said...

LOVE those, Adrienne!
Wish I could have a T-shirt like that -- that's the cutest ever! :) :)
How creative you are!
Much love,

Darleen Weston said...

How did I miss this post!! haha!

I simple am in love with the hearts on the t-shirts. I like all lower case letters you picked as well. I cannot wait to send you a photo of the boys proudly wearing their shirts!

Yes, I think folks would buy these! :) Great work! Great gift!! I liked how you shipped them as well. So creative and I'm always looking for ways to mail a gift economically to my family cross country.