Monday, February 01, 2016

Musical Mondays: Gene Kelly- "I Like Myself"

I've never seen the 1955 movie "It's Always Fair Weather" with Gene Kelly, but my Mom found this clip &'s a fun bit to watch~ good song, and that skating is wonderful!

One of the many lines: "...She likes me, so- I like myself....she likes me, so- so do I..."  =)

(embedded below or listen to it HERE.)

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McKee Family said...

Of course we shouldn't base our self worth on what others think of us...however when someone likes or loves you it really does make you feel really good!!

I suppose it's a kind of confirmation like...oh, I really must be okay because this terrific person loves me! (and sees something in me I don't yet see or realize I am/have!)

I know, it's not the same thing when your parents think you are terrific....but we DO!

love you!!