Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Whatever Wednesday: Warm Fuzzies

A brand new still-in-package 100% Wool blanket is now mine. And for only $50!

I have been keeping my eye out for a Queen size wool blanket for a while now, because I'm tired of my Full size being too small (so small that it's drafty!).  The only problem was that the largest that e-bay seemed to have, was Full, and to buy a new Queen size any where else was super expensive (around $200).

 I'd kind of given up looking, and while out shopping with friend Sarah, lamented my problem to her...a few weeks later (and very late at night...or was it super early in the morning?!) I thought to check e-bay again...God was smiling, and showed me the most gorgeous pink blanket that is not just Queen size, it was King-Queen, and "buy now" for under $50- shipping included!!!!   I was ecstatic, but I did not buy it, left the page up, and went to bed...and prayed hard that if God meant it to be mine, that it would still be available when Mom got up, and that it would be in good condition (thinking of moth holes).   

While I was waiting for it to come in, I could not help worrying a little over what it may smell like (moth balls/perfume laundry smells)...I need not have worried, because I already knew it was a God thing that I found it, that it was affordable and that it was not sold by the time Mom was able to check it out and place the order.  Guess what!?  It had been stored in a Cedar Closet!!!!  Happy sigh! =)

I love hugs from God- I don't know if I don't get many, of if they are more often, and I'm just not paying attention to and enjoying  the ones I get...

 The other thing that makes this a nice blanket for me, is that it is the exact same color (and probably age) as the fluffy pink acrylic blanket that I got for my twin size "big girl" bed decades ago.  =)

It's guy (should I ever have one) will just have to get over it.  =)


McKee Family said...

Just a little reminder that He will take care of you and provide just the right blanket (and ahem, guy!) at just the right time! =)

love you,

Mom =)

Unknown said...

Congrats on your blanket find. I totally understand your troubles when it comes to bedding. Those prices they are just so expensive now days. I'm glad you finally found what you were looking for and for a good deal. PS. Love the color ;)

Jane (the ebay sales lady) said...

I am very glad that you really liked the blanket. It is especially nice when we can find items that bring back old memories.