Thursday, May 12, 2016

Grandaddy in Nevada

Do you ever see things that you would not normally like, but they make you remember someone...  ...So on some level you like something really odd, like the postcard below:

This postcard reminds me of my Mom's of the things that he used to say was "The whole famdamily".   I guess that he thought that it sounded nicer that way?  I don't know about that, but as a child (and now) it is fun to say (in my head or to myself), and it tickles your mouth somehow, when you say it. =)

Dwayne Eugene “Doc” Cottom 
 May 12, 1939 ~ October 22, 2013. 
Grandan Gene, Matt, Grandma Marge & Joshua, Me & Mom, Grandaddy and Clint (Summer 1986)

Usually known to his Grandchildren as "Grandaddy in Nevada"
and sometimes "G-dad"....

~Grandaddy in Nevada left some pretty nice people~

His wife Mary, they had 25ish years together.
Mary & Benjamin (Summer 1992)

3 Children:  Debbie & Pleas McKee, Matt & Debbra Cottom, and Clint Cottom

6 Grandchildren:  Joshua & Anna McKee,  Adrienne McKee,  Benjamin & Jalinda McKee, Cameron Carstenbrook, Megan Cottom, and Matthew Cottom 

3 Great-grandchildren:  Garrett, Damond & Simon

Grandan Gene (my great-grandfather), Grandaddy, Cameron, Uncle Matt & Uncle Clint

Donna & Cameron Carstenbrook, and Uncle Matt

Summer 1986- Uncle Clint & I and Joshua & Grandaddy at Circus Circus in Reno, NV 

This was normal~ open the door, stand there,
and holler & yell~ until everyone came running!

Grandaddy & I weren't really the best of friends...  =) (Summer 1986)

Grandaddy trying to play with Benjamin in 1992

Grandaddy & Cameron Carstenbrook

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