Sunday, January 21, 2018

Molly and Jane and Me

While I can identify with "old maid" Ave Maria (from Big Stone Gap),  I realized recently that I'm a strange character from a costume drama- some kind of cross between Jane Bennet & Molly Gibson...

I'll explain:
Jane has class, is lovely and is seen, but the guy assumes (because she's shy, reserved and not so outgoing) that she is not interested in him.
Molly has class too, and is a sweet girl, she wants to be admired and loved (or friends at least), but, she is invisible and “too young” for the guy she likes.

I don't know how to be "someone else", someone outgoing and bold, how to “encourage” young men.  I can't tell you how many times after an event I've heard something along the lines of Mrs. Gibson to Molly: “It wouldn't hurt you to be a little more forthcoming, dear.” or in the words of Mrs. Bennet: “Smile a little, Jane!”
I wasn't raised in public schools- I was taught that a lady does not go around attracting attention (you know, out to get it), she does not tease (much at all), tempt or flirt. I guess that these are good things to teach your girls, but from what I see one almost never gets a husband without these skills or arts.   Add to them the arts of looking good, conversation, cooking and listening- and you can be almost “written guaranteed” to land a man.  Sigh.  Alas, these qualities and traits do not belong to me, and 
                                                                            seem quiet unattainable- I think you have to be born with them.  
BRIGHT SIDE: Jane and Molly got their guys by the end of the book/movie.

(Don't be surprised to see a few more blog posts of similar genre/nature. Trying to share some of my  feelings, while I try to move on in life.)
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