Wednesday, June 27, 2018

DIY: Blueberry invitations and party

My family gave Sherri a birthday party---when asked about a theme or color she'd like, the reply was BLUE and Blueberries! 

For the birthday cake banner: I never made one before now because I thought that it would be hard to do...I found this one at the "YellowBlissRoad" blog- Kristin has 10 colors to choose from!  I used blue, and scotch-taped the banner to bamboo skewers. Much easier than I'd ever thought it would be! (in fact I'd like to make another)  It stuck nicely into the back of the brownie pan!

 Invitations: I found these blueberry images online (sorry, I don't remember where), and I "cut" out the text bubbles, and thought that I'd post them here, so you can use them for your party, if you'd like!

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