Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Best FB posts of 2018

 Children are so funny when they aren't yours!  (That goes for parents too!)  I hope you enjoy these funnies! (I changed the names of the innocent)

"When everyone wants to be held while I fix dinner."


"Pressure washed the garage. Come in to find Edward drew on every surface of the house with a dry erase marker. Couch and projector screen included. Every appliance. The walls the cabinets."


 "I told Taylor that we needed to give him a haircut today (he hates them and we've been putting it off), then went to get John a snack from the kitchen. I could not find him for 20 minutes!! Literally went in and out of every room three times. Finally decided to let him come out when he was ready and started another job...and lost John too. Finally found John, who had found Taylor, and was supplying him with rations of pretzels and goldfish."

What a doll!!

That look of horror when you see your favorite lamb hanging to dry...

 A picture is worth a thousand words...

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