Friday, July 27, 2012

Schatte~Benner Wedding

(I swiped these first 2 photos~ thanks Mrs. Schatte!)

Mr. and Mrs. Benner:

 Father and Daughter:

 5 maids in waiting~

Bethany and I, in polka-dots! =)  (my new skirt- click here!)

 The Grandfathers and ME's children...sooo cute!

Mrs. Bee & I.  Mrs. Bee's jumper has cherries on it! =) 
(Mr. Bee took this one)

I could not just pick one of these:

Mom and my "niece" Olivia. (ME's baby)

I do love my Ma & Pa....

Mr. Bee and grandson Big D. Buttons:

My "nephew" Charlie and his Daddy...he was really cute, but just as the photo snapped, he let out a bleat ~ "MAma!"  ....cute little guy!

Mom and Lis:

Mother~Daughter (& Mrs. Babb!):

Have you ever played Volleyball at a wedding reception? Not a bad idea! =)

They had pennants and lights strung everywhere! (The reception was held at Rehoboth Ranch)

Waiting, and WAITING, to throw bird seed...

...the groomsmen set off a nice volley of Fireworks as the happy couple left!
  (And I had a great time palling around with my friend Beth!)

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