Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer of No Pants 2014, post #2

It's a refashion of a '90's pullover collared dress with a tie in the back.   (I got it at Goodwill a LONG time ago, and I'm sorry to say it, but the computer ate the before photo.)
Click HERE for a list of other refashions I've done.

I did what I was famous for, and cut the bodice too I cut into the back of one of my Dad's dead shirts~ perfect color match!  I kept the original hem, so that made construction easier.

Bias Tape neck...I left the button plackets free, so I can unbutton if I need to.   (I did not use BT on the arm openings, I just over-locked and turned them under.)

I like it!  This dress is a house/work dress.

Side zipper, and the inside view:


Janice said...

You did a very nice job. Very cute!

The Wahlquist Family said...

What fun, Adrienne! Love the tiny pleats...

McKee Family said...

I love the pleats too, I did not add them, I just took advantage of them being on the old dress bodice! =)