Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014

Hello, New Year!
Can you believe that a whole year has gone by? Or maybe I should say, only a year since I wrote last year's year-end letter?

Some highlights of my year:
1. My little brother is married now, so I now have 2 SIL's.
2. I'm working more outside the home (with Grandma Hale) and that is taking a lot of energy, so- I'm not quite so handy around the house....but my folks still like me and like to have me around.  Grandma Hale has been a blessing to me. =)
3. Cooking with Almond Flour has been an interesting new thing for us- and it's got more nutrients than baking with grain!  My favorite recipes are Brownies and Scones/cookies.
4. I go to be a "guest poster" for the Summer Of No Pants 2013 blog event!  =)  That was fun!
5. My Mom's Dad died- with no grandchildren from me. On the bright side he won't be calling and asking if I'm married yet, and saying "What's wrong with her?".
6. Had my first facial....I would not call it fun...
7. My cat, Fergie is 14 years old- I never thought that he would live this long or well!
8. I went to my first Women's Retreat (I went with Mom- that was fun, I'd do it again!)
9. and my first Single Women's Retreat/sleep away camp without Mom....I don't know if I would want to do that again....

 An update on my wishes for 2013   my end of the year answers are in bold

(not numbered, because I don’t think that I could do it justice)
~Get completely moved in  (NOPE- try again in 2014)
~Make a snowman (No snow- try again in 2014!)
~Have a fun 28th birthday party (YES! I had 4 fun Birthday parties!)
~Make time for sewing/creative fun every week (Well...not really...try again in 2014)
~Have one get together/party every month (this more or less happened- 17 events right off the top of our heads, but not anything like the regular "Women's Club meetings that I was thinking of, and not necessarily one event every month)
~Learn to drive  (Well....sigh...what vitamin does one take for bravery? I need some. )
.....if I write these down will they be more likely to happen?  (well, I guess not)

Some amusement highlights of my year:
Saw my first "I Dream of Jeannie", "The Munsters", "Newhart",  "Bewitched", the first 2 seasons of "Call the Midwife", "The Paradise". (FYI: I have NO desire to re-watch those first 2.)
 Oh, and I also watched my first 3 "Maisie" films- there are 10 in all 
(think 1940's war time Show Girl/Rosie the Riveter/Nancy Drew).

My viewers/readers come from these top 10 countries:
United States
United Kingdom

 The following are my (all time) top 5 posts:
1. Fashionable Friday~ 1970's   at 1355 views
2. 1930's Children's Food Ads~   at 611 views
3. Fun Monday~ 1960's   at 558 views
4. The Summer Of No Pants #1   at 198 views
5. Don't Fear the Zipper~   at 184 views

~You take care now, you hear?

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Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Good to hear from you Adrienne! I enjoyed your review of last year as well as your goals for this year. Your kitty is so cute! My sis told me about that series, Paradise. I'm excited to start watching it.