Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year, 2015!

 Happy New Year....may 2015 be more peaceful than last year.  Sometimes it feels like a losing battle (thinking of the grand scheme of things), but Never underestimate the power you wield in your everyday life.  I can make it more peaceful in my corner of the world! I CAN effect change. =) Hug more, argue less! Smile more, frown less!
A song for you: Peace Train

Some highlights of my year:
1. I have 2 best friends.
2. Mom and I got to go on a 5300 mile LONG car trip "out West"...lots of fun!
3. I started a new blog  "Pearls in the Kitchen?
4. Sewed my own swimsuit for the first time ever...(and one for Mom)...that was exciting. (Thanks for the help Mom & Brittany)
5.  We started the "10:24 Society" last January. Ladies meeting together after the manner of  Hebrews 10:24. (we are on Facebook)
6. Grandma Hale peacefully passed from this earth in her own home. I hope that will be said of me someday.  It was an honor and blessing to serve her.  (her post)

Wishes for 2015:
~Be bolder and braver
~Be a better and more caring friend
~Learn to be a better housekeeper
~Spend more time with my little friends
~No more "melt downs"
~Figure out how to make my creativity supply my "pin" money


An update on my wishes for 2014:   (my end of the year answers are in bold)

(not numbered, because I don’t think that I could do it justice)
~Get completely moved in  (NOPE- try again in 2015)
~Make a snowman (Not enough snow- try again in 2015!)
~Make time for sewing/creative fun every week (Well...not really...try again in 2015)
~Have one get together/party every month (Yes~ we started the "Hebrews 10:24 Society" last January! We had a lot of fun as a group, and besides those get-togethers we had lots of other parties!)
~Learn to drive  (Well, no....sigh...what vitamin does one take for bravery? I need some. )
.....if I write these down will they be more likely to happen?

My viewers/readers come from these top 10 countries:
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I hope that your new year is the best yet.  That you will learn lots. And remember that God is in charge, and planned everything....even if you don't understand why.  Or how it will all "turn out". 

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